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Junior Masters presented by PGA TOUR Superstore March 31st & April 1st, 2012 The Frog Golf Club - Villa Rica, Georgia Information about the event: info@JuniorGolfChampionships.com
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Junior Masters presented by PGA TOUR Superstore
March 31st & April 1st, 2012
The Frog Golf Club – Villa Rica, Georgia
- Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranked
- AJGA PBE (Based on Participation)*
- Atlanta Junior Golf (2012 Membership Exemptions)
1 – Boy 13-14 Free Membership
1 – Boy 15-18 Free Membership
2 – Girls 7-18 Free Memberships

<h1>Entry Fee: $180</h1>
Each player will receive a tournament package.

Registration will close March 20th, 2012 (9pm CST)

Start Time Both Days
Saturday - 7:30am Start
Sunday - 7:30am Start

Practice Round - TBD

PGA TOUR Superstore Dinner will be held Friday March 30th (6-8pm) at the Kennesaw Store location. Additional information will be sent once a player registers for the event. Thank you choosing JGC and PGA TOUR Superstore.

Official Tournaments Rules

Age Group# of HolesYardage*
Girls 8-9183800-4200
Girls 10-11185000-5200
Girls 12-13185200-5500
Girls 14-15185700-6100
Girls 16-18 (Championship)185700-6100
Boys 8-9184200-4400
Boys 10-11185400-5700
Boys 12-13185800-6200
Boys 14-15186700-7000
Boys 16-18 (Championship)186700-7000
*Exact yardages will be posted at least three days prior to the tournament. The above yardages are approximate.

All policies listed below apply to all JGC Participants. If questions arise, please review the section below before calling or emailing. If your question is still not answered feel free to email JGC.
Primary communication is via email. JGC will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.
JGC Staff Emails are listed under the “Contact Us” icon at the bottom of the home page.

Who Can Play:
Boys and Girls between the ages of 8 and 18 can play in the tournament. A players age will be determined by their age on the final day of the tournament.

All play will be stroke play. All Boys and Girls will play 18 holes each day of the tournament.

JGC Code of Conduct:
Junior Golf Championships puts great emphasis on providing its participants with the highest quality tournament possible. To help make this possible, JGC has put a Code of Conduct in place for all players, caddies, and spectators. The Code of Conduct will help ensure that everyone involved will have a positive experience. The Code of Conduct will be enforced during all tournament functions including, but not limited to: registration, practice rounds, tournament rounds, dinners, and awards ceremonies.

Violations of Code of Conduct:
Any of the following actions by a JGC participant, caddie, or parent at a JGC tournament (event) constitutes a violation of the JGC Code of Conduct:
Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to
volunteers, officials or fellow competitors/caddies/spectators, or abuse of golf course property
Not adhering to the dress code at the host golf course
Use or association with drugs, alcohol, or smoking or chewing tobacco products
Conduct not becoming of a JGC player, such as acting in anger or creating other distractions
Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, parents, coaches, sponsors, host golf course staff or members, JGC staff or volunteers in any medium

Required Dress at the Golf Course:
Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward
Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting) must be worn and tucked in at all times
Womens fashion shirts without a collar must have sleeves
Womens fashion shirts must not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing
Womens shorts must be no more than 5inches above the knee OR the inseam of the shorts must measure at least 5inchs¯

Prohibited Dress at the Golf Course:
Tank tops, T-shirts
Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans
Earrings (males)
Body piercings
Tattoos (must be covered)

The dress code will be enforced at all functions at the golf course. A player not in proper dress code will not be allowed to tee off. If the host facility has a stricter dress code, their dress code will become our policy. There is no dress code at any function that is away from the host golf course, provided that the host facility for that function does not have a dress code.

Players Registration:
If a player does not attend the Players Registration/Dinner/ Meeting, if applicable without prior arrangements with the Tournament Director, the player may not receive his or her tournament gifts.

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties:
The JGC Tournament Committee will assess the following penalties for breach of the Code of Conduct. The Tournament Director will have final say in all Code of Conduct rulings. The following penalties will be given based on the severity and frequency of the violation(s). One-stroke penalty for each act of unsportsmanlike behavior on the golf course immediate disqualification from the tournament at which the violation occurs. Depending on the severity of the violation, a tournament disqualification may also result in disqualification from future events JGC reserves the right to inform other junior golf organizations of Code of Conduct penalties based on severity

Pace of Play:
We will use a checkpoint system for our pace of play standards. PLEASE Reference Media Tab for complete Pace of Place policy guidelines. (Home Page - NEWs Tab)

Girls: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-18 (12-18 Championship Division)
Boys: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-18 (14-18 Championship Division)
A player from a younger age group may declare up for the Championship Division.

Junior Masters presented by PGA TOUR Superstore
March 31st & April 1st, 2012
The Frog Golf Club – Villa Rica, Georgia
- Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranked
- AJGA PBE (Based on Participation)*
- Atlanta Junior Golf (2012 Membership Exemptions)
1 – Boy 13-14 Free Membership
1 – Boy 15-18 Free Membership
2 – Girls 7-18 Free Memberships

Entry Fee: $180
Each player will receive a tournament package during registration check in.

Registration will close March 11th, 2012 (9pm CST)

Start Time Both days
Saturday - 7:30am Start
Sunday - 7:30am Start

Practice Round - TBD

Cash or Check Payment:
Please send an email to enter@JuniorGolfChampionships.com if you would like to pay by Cash or Check.

Refund Policy:
$150 refund will be given for withdrawals by email if we are notified prior to March 18th, 2012. A $100 refund will be given if we are contacted by email prior to March 22st, 2012. No refunds will be given if we are contacted March 25th, 2012 or after.

Yardage-Measuring Devices:
Yardage-measuring devices are allowed in the tournament. Refer to Rule 14-3 Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment, and Unusual Use of Equipment.

Waiting List Policy:
A player on the waiting list will be notified immediately by email of their acceptance. You will have 48 hours to accept the entry by email before your spot will be forfeited. Once you have forfeited your spot, you will go to the end of the waiting list. The same refund policy will apply to players that make it into the tournament from the waiting list.

A sudden death playoff will be held in the event that there is a tie for 1st place.
All other for awards will be determined by a scorecard playoff using the holes 16-18 cumulative score. If still tied, holes 13-15 will be used and so on. If a winner is not determined after holes 1-3, hole 18 will be used and going back hole by hole until a winner is determined.

Junior Golf Championships will give awards based on player participation in each age division.
Awards - Players
3 Awards - 1-15 Players
4 Awards - 16-25 Players
5 Awards - 26-40 Players
6 Awards - 41-50 Players
10 Awards - 51-70 Players
12 Awards - 71+ Players

Caddies are mandatory for all players 11 years old or younger. Caddies are prohibited (not allowed) for competitors ages 12-18 years old.
Caddies are allowed to walk or ride in a cart. A player is allowed only one caddie at a time. Caddies are not to overcoach (45sec per shot MAX)their player or disrupt the play of the group. Any caddie violating these rules will be given one warning. If they continue to violate the caddie rules/Pace of Play Rules, they will be removed as caddie for their player and not allowed to caddie for any player for the rest of the tournament.
A player is responsible for the caddie and any penalties given to the caddie will be assessed to his/her player. Pull Carts are allowed for all age divisions provided the host course permits.

Medical Condition: Any player, in any age division, may use a pull cart/cart due to a valid medical condition. Please contact tournament staff for all medical questions.

Pets are prohibited from all golf course property at all times.
Tees off in DaysHoursMinSec
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